Silent Aria

Silent Aria (Abridged Version) - Philip Herbert Grade V Oboe ABRSM Syllabus 2018-2021 Louise Handy - Oboe Philip Herbert - Piano


Chineke! - Interview and feature with members of the Chineke! Orchestra ahead of their debut performance at the Southbank Centre. Feature on BBC Arts and Entertainment, 11 September 2015, interview with Lizo Mzimba. 

Chineke! - Interview and feature with Philip Herbert and members of the Chineke! Orchestra ahead of their debut performance at the Southbank Centre. Features on BBC Radio 4's PM programme, 14 September 2015, interview with Dan Damon.

Elegy - was composed in February 1999 as a gesture of empathy after watching the shocking news coverage of the tragic murder of Stephen Lawrence. Subsequently, an invitation was given to perform this piece at the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust’s first Annual Memorial Lecture in 2000.

It is a chorale for 18 string players in 3 sections, having influences of English composers such as Tippett, Finzi and Vaughan Williams. The piece is slow and reflective, moving between C major and various minor tonalities throughout. The music is moves through a kaleidoscope of soulful harmonies with gentle dissonances in sonorous chords. There are sections where solo violins, viola and cello can be heard in poignant discourse and later some ‘cello solos. The middle section of this piece is characterised by a solemn theme accompanied by a march-like texture. Thematic material in the recapitulation is abbreviated and ultimately heads to an extended cadence in C minor.

This arrangement of Satta Massagana - originally by The Abyssinians, was commissioned by Black Voices for their Album Living Consciously.

Courante - from the Suite for Solo Steel Pan and Strings is performed here for BBC Radio 3 In Tune, 4 October 2012 in an interview with Suzy Klein. 

Silent Aria - is the first of a set of movements for a Suite for Oboe and Piano, in a new collaboration with the acclaimed choreographer Henri Oguike, and emerging dancer Tara Lopez. Here Philip White plays the Oboe, whilst Philip Herbert accompanies on the Piano.